We offer a wide range of services to help you create a lasting tribute for your loved ones, including monuments, markers, cemetery lettering, bronze plaques, cleaning, and pet markers.


Pet Markers

Monuments are considered to be any upright memorial. When it comes to monuments, the three main factors to consider are size, shape and color. These three things will determine the price of the stone. We urge our customers to visit local cemeteries to help them narrow down what they may like on their own stone.  

Although we predominantly sell monuments, not all cemeteries allow them. If you aren’t sure what you may be allowed on your lot, please call your cemetery or visit our Cemetery Regulations Page to see what you may be allowed.


Markers are the stones that are set flush in the ground. Many cemeteries will allow for each lot to have their own monument in addition to a marker for each grave. A marker is to quite literally “mark” where your loved one is buried on the lot. Some cemeteries allow only markers, or have regulations pertaining to the size. 


  • Cemetery and lot #
  • Surname on monument
  • Name of Deceased: Please let us know how you would like the name to be listed on the stone. Things to consider: maiden name, initials, nick-names 
  • Date of Birth and Date of Death: Some monuments just have years, while others have abbreviated month, day and year. We suggest staying with the current format of the stone
  • Current family members listed on the monument: We need to make sure we have the right “Smith” or “Jones” monument when we go to the cemetery.
  • Pictures of the stone are always encouraged as they are very helpful

Cemetery Lettering

Many times, after a stone is erected in the cemetery, additional engraving is needed as family members pass away. This kind of work is done on site and therefore needs to be looked at prior to any work being done. To help us expedite the process, please provide us with this information prior to contacting us:

This is a substitute for granite markers. Although a substitute, bronze markers are quite a price jump. The Garden of Bronze Section at Hillcrest is the only area that requires these kinds of markers. Please check with your cemetery to see if they are allowed.

Bronze Plaques

In the state of Massachusetts, pets are not allowed to be buried in cemeteries. With that said, many people still like to memorialize their beloved animal on their private property. We sell small markers for our customers wishing to commemorate their pets in this way.


Cemetery and lot #
Surname on monument
Picture of stone in its current state

We do professional stone cleanings twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. With most stone cleanings, we can bring the stone back 80-90% to its original state. With that said, not all debris can be removed as hard as we may scrub. WE WILL ONLY CLEAN MONUMENTS as statues are extremely fragile and markers will just get dirty again with the next rainfall. If you are interested in a cleaning, please provide us with the following:



At-home consultations also available year-round by request.